Success through period furniture

07 Aug Success through period furniture

“I never think that sticking slavishly to one period is successful, a touch of nostalgia adds charm. One needs light and shade because if every piece is perfect the room becomes a museum and lifeless.” – Nancy Lancaster
The most successful homes are a mix of different styles and period furniture. When you look at a very modern home it looks beautiful as is, but add an antique armoire and immediately it gets personality.
It also makes a massive change to any space by adding something from a different period or simply a different style. If your home is very traditional, with swags and tails, add a modern standing lamp or an over-dramatic gilded mirror. This will add interest to the room, and it will feel new and fresh.
I like adding traditional French chandeliers to modern homes. It looks magnificent and creates interest.
So if your home is stuck in a particular period or style, go out and add something from a different period or a different style, and you will not believe the change it will create!