Quality vs. Quantity

07 Aug Quality vs. Quantity

The difference between style and fashion is quality” –  Armani

If your budget is tight, and you want to redesign a room/rooms in your home, remember to keep in mind that what might seem like a bargain now, might cost you a lot more in the long-run. Rather wait a bit and buy good quality home ware.
If you have to replace furniture, whether it be a sofa, chair or ottoman, every two or three years  because the item has deteriorated badly because of fabric or workmanship being of poor quality, you will end up spending a fortune unnecessarily.
When buying furniture, always ask what kind of wood the base is made from and how strong the fabric is. Good quality furniture is usually made with very hard wood as a base. There is a reason why certain sofas are a bit more expensive than others.
If you save up for a few extra months you can buy items that you know will last a lifetime. It is after all preferable to only have to think about re-upholstering a sofa after ten years of using it, and then only because you are tired of the fabric, rather than having to buy a new sofa every two years because it was poorly made.