Embrace your darker side

07 Aug Embrace your darker side

“Always make a dark room darker. You can paint a dark room white, but it will still be dark…give it atmosphere with deep intense colour that works well in artificial light.” – Roger Banks-Pye
People always try to make dark rooms lighter, for some odd reason. Don’t. With a dark room it is so easy to create a luxurious atmosphere. Add dark, textured fabrics like velvets and the room will still be dark, but the velvet plays with light, which gives a magnificent ambience to the room.
Dark rooms can and should be welcoming, especially when velvets are involved. I have never had a client that could resist touching a velvet when I show it to them. For curtains, you can choose a deep-coloured silk, which also plays with light.
Colour is also very easy to use in dark rooms, as the darkness gives it a different richness than it would have in a room with plenty of natural light.
It is, however, very important to have the right amount of table and standing lamps in a dark room. Always bear in mind the atmosphere of the specific room, so don’t use an offensive amount of light in a dark room, try and create mood lighting with a standing lamp that can be dimmed, or a table lamp with only one globe.