A magic carpet ride

07 Aug A magic carpet ride

“Carpets are the shoes of a room, if the shoes don’t work the outfit is ruined” 

Carpets can make a very bold statement or blend into a room unnoticed – it all depends on what story you want to tell with your carpet. An all-white room can, all of a sudden, have an extreme personality with an in-your-face contemporary geometrical carpet, whereas a classic room can be made to feel more inviting with a toned-down, faded Persian carpet.
There is such an amazing variety of carpets out there. You can literally go crazy with carpets. Here are some guidelines to work around when looking for a specific carpet.
When looking for a carpet for a bedroom, it is very important to look at texture, it is absolutely dreamy to take off your shoes and step onto a carpet that feels like you’re walking on clouds. For bedrooms, look at soft, luscious carpets as these will make the room more inviting.
When searching for a carpet for living areas you should always consider wear and tear, carpets aren’t cheap and having to replace a beautiful carpet after a year can really break the bank. Ask the retailer about easily washable carpets and carpets suitable for high traffic areas.
The carpet supplier I regularly use for my clients has most of their carpet designs in different qualities, this not only works for people on tight budgets but also works for the purpose of having a carpet that is easily cleanable.
When looking from a design point of view, get a feel for the room you want to buy the carpet for, decide whether you want the carpet to disappear and just add a soft touch, or whether you want the carpet to be a focal point. Also keep in mind that classical architecture does not necessarily mean that all the rooms should be decorated to be classical. The same goes for modern or contemporary homes. You can also go for the opposite, a classic room can be very interesting with a contemporary carpet and a modern room can be very interesting with a soft toned-down Chobi.
These are guidelines to follow. Play around with carpets – most retailers let carpets go on appro, so you can really get a feel for a carpet over a weekend, and see what it does to your room.